Pinewood Studios – Gas Pressure Alleviation Design

EPG has recently been employed by Sir Robert McAlpine to design a gas pressure alleviation system for two landfill cells which are being developed for Backlot use as part of the expansion of Pinewood Studios in Slough, Berkshire.  The system has been designed to provide pressure relief within the landfill cells, enabling gas to be diluted within the system, prior to controlled discharge.  The system has been designed to address a number of concerns raised by the Local Authority Environmental Health Team, who were particularly concerned about excavations into the landfill cells and disturbance of the waste, potentially resulting in odour, dust and general air quality issues.  By using a no-dig vibro-column insertion system in the design of the pressure alleviation arrangement EPG were able to provide a design which resulted in none of the landfill waste material being excavated, a solution which clearly addressed the concerns of the Environmental Health Team, whilst minimising costs to the Developer and mitigating potential H&S risks associated with digging into the waste cells.


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