Illman Young and EPG awarded CIRIA contract to produce updated SUDS Construction Guidance

EPG is pleased to announce that CIRIA has appointed Illman Young and EPG to produce updated SUDS construction guidance to compliment the updated SUDS Manual, which is soon to be issued.

Ensuring that SUDS construction works on site are completed correctly so that they deliver both the visual quality and functional performance intended is fundamental to any project.  The target audience for this guidance will encompass all those who will have a direct input or influence during the construction works on site, and the handover of the design to the site team, and their ongoing inspections required during construction.

Sue Illman will lead the research and production of the guidance with the support of Steve Wilson and various staff from Illman Young, EPG and other industry experts.

EPG are very pleased to continue their longstanding involvement in the production of CIRIA SUDS guidance.

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